Upton Snodsbury

The Jewel of Worcestershire



 May 2020  (date to be confirmed)    Venue:   Village Hall  

 7.30pm start




Next Parish Council Meeting

Agenda and minutes

The village of Upton Snodsbury is located at the junction of the B4082 with the A422 six miles east of the CIty of Worcester. The settlement contains some 150 dwellings, an "Ofsted outstanding" first school, ancient church, village shop/post office, modern village hall and a pub. There is also a recreational park with a five-a-side football pitch and playground.


Upton Snodsbury has been described as ‘a jewel in Worcestershire’ and in earlier times as ‘a village in the orchards’. The village was founded in about the seventh century and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. There are some 26 Listed Grade II ‘black and white’ timber framed houses in the village – most of them located in a Conservation Area near the church. The remaining houses are a mix of victorian and twentieth century houses. Together they form an attractive small village set in the Worcestershire countryside.



In recent days the Parish Council has been approached by a number of parishioners with questions about the Parish Council's formal response and preparations with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak.We appreciate that the news and media are dominated with broadcasts and articles that can have a frightening tone, particularly for those of us that are more vulnerable to respiratory infections such as the over 70's or those with compromised health and immune systems.Being just seven volunteers with work, dependents and family members in vulnerable groups, it is unfortunately impossible for the Parish Council to co-ordinate and run a centralised responses to cover all the eventualities that have been raised, much though we may wish to.However, we will certainly be doing what we can to support the community and actively involved in volunteering.

In times like this it is more important than ever to do what we do best: keep calm, carry on and look out for each other.We strongly recommend that all Government advice is followed to the best of people's ability and we ask that parishioners also consider the following:


Hand washing should be done regularly with soap and water, and particularly before eating, arriving at home or work,after being in public places and using public transport;


Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze;


Try to avoid touching your face as much as possible.Whilst the exact way infection occurs isn't entirely known, this is good advice for minimising risk for many illnesses;


Consider the source of your information and try to get it from a reputable place such as the BBC (www.bbc.co.uk or television and radio), the NHS (www.nhs.co.uk), or the Government (www.gov.uk).The tabloid press and social media are more interested in viewing figures than helping, and the inaccurate or false information can lead to people becoming frightened, taking risks, and socially harmful behaviour such as unnecessary panic buying, needlessly leaving vulnerable people without access to necessities;

The vast majority of people infected with Coronavirus who do not have underlying health problems or other vulnerabilities will make a full recovery after a few days of a flu-like illness, and it is important that we both do not over-react but ensure we look after those who are vulnerable.We would like to request that we all take a moment to consider whether there are any vulnerable living near by that may not have family or another support network.Wherever possible, please look in on these people and make sure they are ok, have the things they need and can contact you for help if needed.


Whilst the Parish Council has limited resources, we are keen to ensure that no one is left un-supported in a time of need wherever we can. We have set up a Facebook Group for the village, which we hope can become a useful centralised hub for information, requesting and offering support.To find the page, search for 'Upton SnodsburyCoronavirus Support Page', and request to join.


If you do not have any local support or you know of someone who may not have any support and are unable to help them, then we will do our best to assist, together with the help of other local organisations and volunteers.In the first instance we would be grateful if those who may require some support please call Celia at the village shop on 01905 381511who will be coordinating the community volunteers.

You can use the postcard at the bottom of this newsletter to let your neighbours know that you can help them if they need it. More copies of this are available in the village shop.


Alternatively (or additionally) …. why not become a community volunteer(which could include duties such as collecting shopping, prescriptions, walking a dog or a friendly phone call). This could be to support anyone in Upton Snodsbury or Cowsden who is needing to self-isolate. If you would like to become a community volunteer then please contact Celia (at the village shop) on 01905 381511


For keeping up to date and in touch


Register with e.Bowline so that you receive email alerts about local and village initiatives/ support and events. You can do this by emailing: bowline.mail@gmail.com


If you need help or know someone who may need help

If you are self-isolating for COVID-19 and require some help please call Celia at the village shop on 01905 381511 who will be coordinating the community volunteers.



We are currently still able to stay open for our full hours of service, doing everything we can to keep our surfaces sanitised & hands clean.

We are now offering the full Oak restaurant menu in a takeaway format, & takeaway beer

Contactless payments can be made at the front door or on the decking if required.


Google the link below for the full menu.



The Twisted Spoon is also now doing our Afternoon Teas to be taken away-a nice idea we think for our mums & nans who may have had to self-isolate over the Mother’s Day weekend.


Breakfast and lunch are available too.

Opening hours

Mon –Sat 7.30am –11pm      Sunday 7.30am –10.30pm

Serving the OAK’s Menu

12-9pm Monday to Saturday & 12-8pm Sunday

T: 01905 381631

Upton Snodsbury Post Office & Stores


01905 381511




We would like to reassure our customers that we are doing everything we can to source products and keep our shelves full.  However, this is becoming increasingly difficult - so please bear with us!


We are still getting plenty of eggs, milk and bread.  The Post Office is at present still open for business.  Any updates will be posted on our Facebook page, our website and on E-Bowline.  


We are now taking orders over the phone or via email for any products we stock including fresh milk, eggs & bread.


Orders can be collected or we are happy to bring the order out to your car.


If you are unable to collect because you are in self-isolation, we now have a band of community volunteers who will deliver to your doorstep.


Thank you for your continued support and please let us know if we can help in any way.


Best wishes,     Celia & Jeff


You will remember that at the last Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 21st February a commitment was made to arrange a public meeting to discuss the planned development by Fortis/Tricas of the Coventry Arms site due to several objections expressed by the residents who attended on the night

Having spoken to a senior representative of Tricas it would appear that discussions are still ongoing between them and the District Council planners regarding some outstanding issues which may introduce changes to the current plans. It must be said that there is no resistance by the developers to such a meeting

It has been agreed therefore that a public meeting would not be productive at this stage and that we will now wait to see how the plans may be affected

The Parish Council will continue to maintain contact with the developers and inform you the residents accordingly



Recent contact with OWL HOMES who will develop the garage site for nine private houses has been delayed waiting for Western Power Distribution to complete their required documentation prior to programming their work to divert the overhead electric cable. The ductwork to receive the cable which will run underground has already been completed.


OWL are geared up to start on site in April subject to the cable being re located.


The Parish Council will continue to maintain contact with OWL HOMES and keep you informed of progress.

Telephone Box Progress Report

Some months ago The Parish Council obtained the redundant Upton Snodsbury telephone box for the princely sum of £1.00.


Volunteers in the village had the box moved to David Lane’s farm so that we could prepare the box for sand blasting and re painting in GPO red


This has taken longer than anticipated as the preparation work has increased and care has had to be taken to protect some of the fragile parts which have deteriorated due to lack of maintenance during the many years since the box was made redundant.


We are close now to sending the box to the sand blasting company in Pershore. After which we can re assemble and site the box near the village hall to act as an information centre

Come and meet your police rural and

business crime officer


It is planned for Mick Simpson the rural and business crime officer for West Mercia police to be attending the next Parish Council Meeting, date to be confirmed.

Mick will be talking about how you can assist the police to prevent crime in our parish, especially in the farming and rural dwelling areas.

Included in the talk Mick will be demonstrating Smart Water which is a hi-tech, low cost method of marking and protecting any type of property from jewellery to vehicles.

If you live in the countryside and have an interest in preventing crime and protecting your property then please come to the meeting where you will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with Mick and members of the parish council.

We hope to see you there.

South Worcestershire Development Plan Update

A representative of the Parish Council was invited to attend a SWDP briefing in the Guildhall on the 31st of March to receive updates and feedback following the initial round of consultations on the presented preferred options.Unfortunately, and not surprisingly in the current climate, this event has been cancelled by the organisers.We will be updated in April regarding the rescheduling of the SWDP briefing and continue to pass on news as it becomes available.

All the 6,497 representations received have now been summarised and planning officers are now considering the comments and reviewing sites in light of the planning merits of these comments, as well as making changes to the wording of the topic specific development management policies which make up the bulk of the Plan. These will all be published alongside other evidence with the SWDPR Publication version of the plan scheduled for the autumn.

Lengthsman Report


Allen & Luke continue to work hard throughout the Parish, working in awful weather conditions & doing their best to clear flooded areas. They tried to clear drains by Cutts Pool to keep houses from flooding. Between Nicola our Parish Clerk & myself, all drains are reported to Worcester County Council hub, it just takes time for highways to respond, especially in recent weeks due to the adverse weather.


Any concerns from parishioners are dealt with as quickly as possible. The church was cleared from moss which had built up by the back entrance, footpaths cleared & strimmed. The brambles were cut back from the footpath on Pershore Road heading north through the village, as it was reported people had to walk in the road.


We hope to continue the lengthsman scheme within the Parish Council. Allen & Luke are a attribute to Upton Snodsbury.


Any concerns within the Parish you can contact me on 01905 381145 ( Sandra).